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JETlfy turns five

JETfly  |  2005-05-16 10:56:42

Five years. That is quite a long time. It is really hard to enumerate everything what happened to us since www.jetfly.hu went online on the 11th April 2000. However once in a year it is worth to remember. To throw a party is the minimum. Well, this party was held on the 14th May 2005 in the neighborhood of Kecskemét Air Base on the paintball field called Area RP-69.

Why did we choose Kecskemét? The reason was of course not the fact, that JETfly is Kecskemét-based, but this city is the home of Hungarian military aviation and most of our friends also come from this region.

The secret of staying alive for five years is simple: we have a close relationship with nearly every soldier of the air base, from privates to the general. Once a year, on our birthday we would like to express our gratitude to the Air Base and to every unit with an unforgettable party to thank them for their moral support.

This Saturday we had a great party, everyone who counts in terms of Hungarian military aviation was there, just as those, who have friendly relationships with the JETfly team. Everyone came, more then 200 persons. Preparing the mutton-stew in three giant stew pots took some time so in the meantime we once again organized our paintball competition. This time we called it the II. JETfly Paintball Tournament. All three teams from the Kecskemét Air Base (Puma and Wasp squadrons and the commanding staff), the team from Szolnok (consisting of Mi-24 gunship personnel, who moved to their new location from Szentkirályszabadja, calling themselves MH86), both teams from HM Zrínyi Public Company, the last year`s winners, the Red Dogs and the Blue Dogs were invited. The task was the same as last year: teams of five fight each other in an all-against-all tournament. For each round they had 10 minutes.

Those, who weren`t in the mood to shoot each other in an organized way, but wanted to give paintball a try, could do so on another field. The kids and the pilot-wives were `killing` there each other.

As always we also had some other attractions. It`s widely known, that Kecskemét`s pilots are virtually working for JETfly. However there are also some civilian pilots, who are very close to us. One of them is Zoltán Veres aerobatic pilot, European Champion. Just before lunch Zoli Veres appeared on the sky with his Extra 300 and honored our fifth birthday with an unforgettable stunt flying. Thank You Zoli! Actually you were flying so low, that you also functioned as a lawnmower, which made the sheep nearby depressive. If the shepherd appears, we`ll tell him, the MiGs are responsible.

But this day was all about celebration. We celebrated Szabó `Topi` for having him back from the hospital, after he ejected from his MiG-29 Wednesday. He still hobbled a bit; therefore he didn`t take part in the Puma teams match. Or was it the Wasp team?

People who know us also know that we are always good for a joke. Topi received a cake with a MiG-29 tail in the middle made of marzipan. The aircraft`s tail was in the same position like the crashed plane form which he ejected Wednesday. We have put two sparklers where normally the engines are located, but only ignited the left one. (Memo: Topi had to leave his plane during a training flight on the 11th May 2005 because his right engine caught fire and stopped working.) We`ve tried to adjust the sparkler`s burning time to 52 seconds, which we basically managed to do. (Memo: Topi spent 52 seconds in his burning aircraft, only then he ejected).

Finally the lunch followed. Our chef was Ernő `Gege` Hegedüs, just like in the years before, who once again bettered himself. With other words the three stew pots of mutton-stew were simply superb. Gege showed us once again, that besides being a good organizer (see last week`s Puma Rally) he is also an excellent chef. Next year he`ll get the same appointment.

After the lunch came the consumption of the birthday cake. Since there were more than 50 kids, nearly nothing was left from the huge cake for the poor adults.

After having a break the teams clashed once more, everyone played with each other and at the end we were able to determine the winner. It was quite a surprise, that the greenhorns from Szolnok, the MH86 took the first place.

Official results:

1. MH86 Szolnok

2. Blue Dogs – HM Zrínyi

3. Wasps Squadron

4. MH59 commanding staff

5. Red Dogs – HM Zrínyi

6. Puma Squadron


JETfly, now five years old, would like to express his gratitude to the senior officials in the Ministry of Defense, to the Air Bases in Kecskemét and Szolnok and to everyone who supported us morally through out the five years and are still doing so.

Finally thanks to my own team for the work they have done in last five years. We wouldn`t be there where are now.

Thanks to Süss, Petya Temesvári, uncle Hamar, Robi Fekete, Sanyi Snaiker and Zoli Illés and also to the newcomer Levi Papp and to the virtual pilots: Putyin, Finlander, Reaper, eemee, Gronyi and MMaister.

Thanks to you I know, that what I`m doing is good.

Koncsik `JETfly` István


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